Restaurant review: Do the hump-day dance at The Pint House

What’s a good price for a snazzy beer plus a delicious dinner of crispy-skinned roasted chicken (in half-bird form) served with a bunch of terrific hand-cut fries? If you said $20, I’d say that sounds like a deal. Well, how about $10? Welcome to Hump Day at The Pint House.
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MINT's inaugural exhibition slated for Friday

"Influx" opens at south side DIY artist space, MINT
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Fact: The David Lynch Ice Bucket Challenge is the best Ice Bucket Challenge

Show's over, folks. It doesn't get better than this. Right down to who he...
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Editor's picks: 15 things to do this weekend

Featuring Funny Bone, Zauber, Urban Arts Space, Urban Scrawl and more
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Sketch in the City: Diabolical X #6

Wherein our supervillian turns superhero?
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Zauber Brewing Company releases 4 new beers

From Belgium IPAs, to Hefeweizens, Zauber releases a brew for every beer nerd
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Sketch in the City: Diabolical X #5

Wherein our supervillian prepares to meet Mayor Coleman
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Independents' Day announces music lineup

This year's performers include Scrawl, The Floorwalkers, J. Rawls and more
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"Mars Attacks!" to close out Wex Drive-In season

Tonight the Wexner Center closes the Wex Drive-In season with Tim Burton's...
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staff question

Q: Who's your favorite female rock star?

Justin McIntosh

Carrie Brownstein

Brad Keefe
Web producer

Kathleen Hanna, Shirley Manson, Alison Mosshart, St. Vincent, etc., etc.

Meghan Ralston

Lydia Loveless

Andy Downing

Mary J. Blige leave blood on the stage — the definition of rock star


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