Happy Hour: Taco Tuesday roundup

School’s out, and summer is (finally) in full swing. Warmer temperatures, longer days and looser rules mean partying is no longer relegated to the weekend. In fact, the best way to get rid of a case of the Mondays is to start the weekend on Tuesday. In honor of tacos, tequila and clever alliteration, we rounded up our favorite spots to go hard on the grub and booze on Taco Tuesday — without blowing your budget.
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the latest

FMMF parts ways with R. Kelly in wake of community backlash

Organizers of the inaugural fest cite local uproar as reason for the split
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WCBE withdraws as a sponsor of the Fashion Meets Music Festival

The local radio station's decision follows the departures of Saintseneca and...
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Sketch in the City: Diabolical #2

Wherein Rich Trask's supervillain invades the North Market
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Saintseneca withdraws from Fashion Meets Music Fest

The local folk-rock crew is the second act to cancel in the wake of R. Kelly's...
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Sketch in the City: Diabolical #1

Wherein Rich Trask provides C-bus with its first supervillain
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Richard Linklater on "Boyhood": "The luckiest thing I ever did"

Director introduces his 12-years-in-the-making film to a sold-out Wexner Center
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Life imitates Full House: John Stamos to perform at Ohio State Fair with The Beach Boys

"Uncle Jesse? That totally makes up for the absence of Brian Wilson!" said no...
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Sketch in the City: Next Year's Girl #6

Wherein we say goodbye to Katie Valeska's run on Sketch in the City
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staff question

Q: Who's your favorite female rock star?

Justin McIntosh

Carrie Brownstein

Brad Keefe
Web producer

Kathleen Hanna, Shirley Manson, Alison Mosshart, St. Vincent, etc., etc.

Meghan Ralston

Lydia Loveless

Andy Downing

Mary J. Blige leave blood on the stage — the definition of rock star


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