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Chris DeVille


Chris DeVille has been writing about music in Columbus for the better part of a decade. From local talents on the rise to superstars touring through town, he keeps Alive readers tuned in to the sound of the city. His features and reviews have been honored by the Press Club of Cleveland’s Ohio Excellence In Journalism Awards and the Ohio SPJ’s Best of Ohio Journalism Awards. Chris has also covered TV, arts, sports and more for Alive.

Before working at Alive, Chris studied journalism at Ohio University’s Honor Tutorial College. He also worked for campus newspaper The Post and spun music at ACRN. During his time in Athens, he once drove to Columbus on a Tuesday night, picked up his friend David at Ohio State on Wednesday morning, drove to Toronto to see Radiohead, drove back to Columbus overnight, drove back to Athens and attended four hours of class Thursday, drove back to Columbus, hopped in another friend’s car, rode to Detroit to see the Strokes, rode back to Columbus, drove back to Athens and slept all day Friday. He is too old for that now.

Chris is actively involved in his church. He has been going to Crew games regularly since he was 12. His interests include casual cycling, unhealthy food, grammar, puns, making mix CDs for the car (yes, he still does that), reading great journalism, Words With Friends, rapping while driving, obsessing over critically acclaimed TV shows, playing guitar and walks to Cup O Joe with his wife, Amy.

Hometown: Westerville
Neighborhood: Baja Clintonville
Favorite movie: “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”
Favorite band: Radiohead
Favorite food combo: Peanut butter and chocolate
Favorite album: “Yankee Hotel Foxtrot” by Wilco
Favorite defunct pizza joint: Rofini’s
Favorite memory at Alive: Being in the locker room after the Crew won MLS Cup 2008

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