Columbus Alive

Erica Phillips

Restaurant Account Executive

I have been with Alive for three years. I have been in my current position, restaurant and beverage account executive, for the past year. It’s the best job ever. They actually pay me to eat at the best restaurants in the city and sample finest beverages!

Hometown: Youngstown (until age 14), and then Mt. Vernon (ages 14-18)
Neighborhood: Delaware
Favorite movie: “Pretty Woman”
Favorite book: “Marley and Me”
Favorite alcoholic beverage: Red wine
Favorite band: Not a fair question. There are way too many good bands to have one favorite.
Favorite food: Cheese
Favorite thing to do in Columbus: Go out to eat
Favorite album: Again, not fair.
Favorite quote: "There are Copious Amounts of Snow"- Mark Montanaro
Favorite work of art: My own.
My favorite 2 favorite things are: 1. Taking a morning run, especially in a new city that I am visiting. 2. My dogs, Syd and Bella.

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