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Meghan Ralston


Meghan Ralston has been a photographer for over 17 years, and has photographed a wide variety of topics including studio, event, wedding, real estate, bio-medical, band, commercial and more. She also helps quite a bit with the local music scene, booking and running stages at many of the city's yearly festivals.

She started working as the photographer at Alive in October 2012. Her favorite covers to date are the Dia de Los Muertos Issue (10/25/12) and her Frankenchicken named Sir Clucks-A-Lot on the cover of the Hold the Meat Issue(11/8/12).

Hometown: Columbus

Neighborhood: Grandview

Favorite Movie: either "Troll 2" or "Moontrap." It's too close to decide.

Favorite Photographer: Cindy Sherman

Favorite Book: "Hot Shoe Diaries" by Joe MacNally

Favorite Food: Anything sugar-based and non-allergenic.

Favorite thing to do in Columbus: Listen to good local music.

Favorite Band: Túcan

Favorite Album not enough people have heard: Túcan's "Aliquot Strings"

Favorite Quote: "Ah, but we two souls have shared a cheese sandwich more than twice, and the stitched together quilt of your stony silence forms a tapestry of quiet desperation." -Dr. Orpheus, Venture Brothers.

Favorite Impossible Thing: Riding a unicorn that is simultaneously riding a pegasus.

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