Phoenix is giving away a free live album because hey, why not?

Katherine Heigl confirmed that her days on "Grey's" are over.

Wanna hear a radio rip of a new song by The National called "Bloodbuzz Ohio"?

AV Club talked to the somewhat irritating ChloŽ Sevigny.

EW wonders which film Will Smith should do next: "Men In Black III" or "The City That Sailed"?

Chris Evans, who played The Human Torch in the "Fantastic Four" movies, will now take on the role of Captain America.

I really enjoyed this Slate essay on how the Pavement reunion indicates that Baby Boomers have finally ceded control of pop culture to a younger class.

Wes Craven and the original cast are on board for "Scream 4".

Another 90s film franchise that need not be resurrected is "Austin Powers", but that ain't stopping Mike Myers from doing it.

"Scrubs", on the other hand, seems to be officially over, according to Zach Braff.

What are the worst songs ever by athletes?

Pitchfork did its fun 5-10-15-20 feature (about the music you loved at various intervals through your life) with Josephine Olausson from Love Is All.

R.I.P. New Orleans blues gospel singer Marva Wright.

We wrap with Yacht's video for "The Afterlife".