OK, check this out: The Hollywood Reporter announced today that E! is planning to air a reality show called "Bridalplasty." On the show, future brides will compete against each other while planning their weddings. Whoever, say, has the best wedding vows or plans the coolest honeymoon wins the surgical procedure of their choice, giving them the "chance to be the perfect bride."

I'm assuming this show was somehow inspired by Heidi Montag. But the show's creators are forgetting that in Heidi's case, the plastic surgery is supposedly part of what made her marriage fail. Poor Speidi.

The interwebs today is calling this show proof that the world is about to end. Before I agree with them, I wish I could pose one question to the show's creators: Are these brides simply looking to become their ideal bra size, or have they had some sort of life-altering incident that say, left them deformed?

Maybe by wondering that, I'm giving E! too much credit. But if surgery would really help the women feel "normal" rather than "perfect," how is it any worse than "Extreme Makeover"?