Also: New music from Beck, Kindness, Beach House and more

The week's best new tracks, just in time for your weekend? You got it.

A$AP Rocky - "Goldie"

A$AP Rocky might not have much more to offer than "extraordinary swag and a mouth full of gold," but damn does he milk that for everything it's worth. Produced by "N----s in Paris" beatmaker Hit-Boy, "Goldie" is the lead single from "LongLiveASAP," Rocky's first official album, coming later this year.

Ruckus Roboticus - "Take Me To a Disco"

Dan Haug, a.k.a. Ruckus Roboticus, was a DJ at my college radio station when I met him, but even back then electronic music tastemakers like Solid Steel were slathering his mixes with praise. Pretty soon, he had founded Dance or Die, graduated from Ohio University and moved out of Athens. It seems his creative exploits had only begun; "Take Me To a Disco" cleverly flips Bob Seger's anti-disco anthem into a groove fit for the dancefloor.

Mogwai - "Earth Division"

A new Mogwai song is cause for celebration under any circumstance. This one comes from an Occupy Wall Street benefit album called "Occupy This Album," and it (appropriately) sounds like turmoil brewing across an insurmountable cultural rift.

Kindness - "House"

Never heard of Kindness before, but you better believe I'll be keeping my ear to the ground for more from after this slice of post-party comedown bliss. The UK combo's debut album, "World, You Need a Change of Mind," sees U.S. release May 8 on Terrible Records.

Beck - "I Only Have Eyes For You"

Even during long gaps between proper albums, Beck always seems to come up with a steady flow of new tracks for our aural perusal. This particular offering is one of numerous takes on The Flamingos' classic pop tune "I Only Have Eyes For You," part of Doug Aitken's big museum exhibit "SONG1."

Beach House - "Lazuli"

This band has quietly become one of the most dependable and beloved acts in underground music. I have never been a part of their intense fan base, but I'm thinking I might finally jump on board when "Bloom" emerges May 15 on Sub Pop. This isn't the first song from that album to slay me.

The Walkmen - "Heaven"

Really this new Walkmen track was a late-breaking addition to last week's blogosphere feeding frenzy, but it's really never too late to appreciate a Walkmen song. That's one of the most charming things about the band's work: You keep coming back to it, and it keeps revealing itself to you in new ways.

Literature - "Criminal Kids"

This is the best Jay Reatard song I've heard since the man himself passed. "Criminal Kids" comes from Literature's debut album through Austin Town Hall Records, "Arab Spring," which is streaming in full at SoundCloud.

MellowHigh - "Go"

I'm actually more partial to "Timbs," the Lex Luger-produced track MellowHigh debuted earlier this week, but this one is mighty nice too, and it's on SoundCloud so I can embed it here. Hodgy Beats continues to be arguably the busiest rapper in Odd Future; Domo Genesis is perhaps the crew's most improved.

Kool A.D. featuring Main Attrakionz and Green Ova - "Tacky Tacky"

Das Racist's less public MC has also been the group's most productive this year. After dropping one mixtape January 3, he's already releasing a second full-length called "51" on April 24 through Mishka/Greedhead/Veehead. "Tacky Tacky" is the first single from that set, and it bangs in the most minimal manner possible.