New album "Somebody" coming next week on Anyway Records.

The Kyle Sowashes - Pain Don't Hurt from mike postalakis on Vimeo.

Kyle Sowash has been kicking out the scruffy, 90s-inspired indie rock jams since that glorious decade was still happening. Few songwriters are so distinctive in their craft, and few do music of this ilk better than Sr. Sowash. (Disclaimer: I logged substitute bass duties in The Kyle Sowashes for a few years.) His band's got a new album, "Somebody," coming soon on Anyway Records, with a May 5 release party at The Tree Bar to quench your need for pop-cultural slacker rock live and in person. Lead single "Pain Don't Hurt" is not my favorite Sowash song (that'd be "In the Mail"), but it's a pretty decent calling card for what he does. The song's video, viewable above, was directed by former bandmate Mike Postalakis and edited by Micah Wolf.