Forthcoming album "Occasion for Song" directly tackles the death of violinist Noel Sayre

The death of violinist Noel Sayre has loomed large over everything Columbus folk-rock combo The Black Swans have released since Sayre drowned in a Portsmouth swimming pool while tending to his ailing father in July 2008. The band wove Sayre into 2010's "Words Are Stupid" posthumously, and they were in the midst of recording last year's masterful "Don't Blame the Stars" when he passed. It takes a long time to shake something like that; now Jerry DeCicca and company are addressing the issue head-on with a new album called "Occasion For Song." To be released July 17, the LP's cover art features the Portsmouth pool where Sayre died. Included in the tracklist is "Portsmouth, Ohio," which details the events and emotions of that tragic day.

Pre-order the album through Misra Records, and have a listen to "Portsmouth, Ohio" below.