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About those new Short North murals

Posted by Jackie Mantey | August 03, 2012 03:09 PM

This evening 10 galleries in the Short North are opening new exhibits. In conjunction with the openings are murals that are high-resolution vinyl photographs of works by artists from those 10 galleries. (You’ve probably seen them going up on buildings across the district this week as part of the 10x10x10 mural project.) The outdoor works range in size from 120 to 200 square feet. They’ll be up for at least a year, according to the Short North Alliance. Go visit the exhibit openings tonight—or there’s always Gallery Hop tomorrow—and check out each mural. Following is a quick list of who made each work of art in the mural and where it is located (the partner galleries are also where you’ll find new exhibits tonight and this weekend):
“Fields of Columbus,” by Heather Nibert
Partner gallery: Terra Gallery
Location: 608 N. High St.
“Blueberries for Black,” by Jason Morgan
Partner gallery: Brandt-Roberts Galleries
Location: 650 N. High St.
“Shadows Extending,” by Marty Husted
Partner gallery: Studios on High Gallery
Location: 1081 N. High St.
“Curious Cultures,” by Amandda Tirey Graham
Partner gallery: Ray’s Living Room
Location: 765 N. High St.
“Emily Dickinson-Amherst Maid,” by Sid Chafetz
Partner gallery: Sherrie Gallerie
Location: 1130 N. High St.
“Columbus Celebrates 200,” by Larry Hamill
Partner gallery: Marcia Evan’s Gallery
Location: 700 N. High St.
“Dawes Arboretum,” by Michael Secrest
Partner gallery: pm gallery
Location: 1209 N. High St.
“Neighborhood Scene,” by Mark Thomas
Partner gallery: Lindsay Gallery
Location: 459 N. High St.
“Precocious,” by Stephanie Rond
Partner gallery: Roy G Biv
Location: 944 N. High St.
“Fibers of America,” by Cory Piehowicz
Partner gallery: Rivet
Location: 721 N. High St.