Columbus car-share program car2go has extended service to Port Columbus International Airport

When I was testing out car2go, the car-share program that was introduced to Columbus last October, for a story in our December issue, one of the first questions I had and one several friends and coworkers proceeded to ask me was, "Can you take them to and from the airport?" At the time, the answer, astoundingly, was "no."

But apparently car2go's powers that be heard our collective cry of "Why on earth not?" and responded by teaming up with The Parking Spot near the Port Columbus International Airport to offer 24-hour access to their itty-bitty Smart cars seven days a week.

It works the same way: Find an available vehicle, use your car2go member card to unlock it and access the key, follow the commands of the talking robot, and drive. If you're heading to the airport, follow the signs at The Parking Spot for car2go parking. If you're heading home, choose from the small-but-mighty fleet (they plan to have three to five cars in the lots at any given time) and use the ticket in the slot above the control panel to exit.

Standard rates and rules still apply, except there'll be an additional $10 charged to members' accounts for airport trips per way. And you must end your trip in the lot; stop-overs aren't allowed.

For peace of mind and to avoid a sticky situation of finding yourself stranded at the lot, bags in tow without a car to use, Columbus location manager Nicolas Hill recommends reserving a car before boarding the shuttle to The Parking Spot. You can do this from your smartphone through the iPhone or Androidapps or by calling 877-488-4224.

For those of us who hate to impose on our friends and family members the inconvenience of serving as airport chauffeur on our travel days, or simply don't want to pay airport lots' daily parking rates, this is a pretty solid deal. As long as you don't mind rolling in a super-compact ride.

(Click below for larger printable map)