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What Are you Wearing? Office Edition: Kristen Schmidt’s dress

Posted by Jackie Mantey | August 28, 2012 04:57 PM

"What Are You Wearing? Office Edition" is Alive's online, office-based version of the popular Style section feature.

What? Kristen’s not wearing that today?!
For accuracy’s sake, dear reader with way too knowledgeable a question, Alive editor Kristen Schmidt wore this dress a couple weeks ago but it’s been in my arsenal and I’m ready to fire. This dress is so sweet. Sweet in a flowers breezing by as the sun sets way, not a “Brah, that’s my surfboard!” way.
That would be blue hydrangea flowers breezing by as the sun sets, to be exact. Love that floral pattern. Also fun, the flared cut shoulders and the dress’ neck tie detail in the back. I do believe Ms. Schmidt has a predilection for cool collars.
Kristen’s dress is called the Flared Anabelle Dress, and there are still some size eights available online. You can get free shipping at today if you spend more than $100! With dresses like this, this and this, that should be easy.