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Doc's DeLorean is coming to Columbus

Posted by Jackie Mantey | September 06, 2012 12:20 PM
Wizard World Ohio Comic Con won’t be bringing its spandex-clad self to the Columbus Convention Center until Sept. 28-30, but news of the convention’s attractions are rolling in. Among them: frugality negotiator and Star Trek legend William Shatner, comics legend Stan Lee, hottie actress Eliza Dushku and WWE badass CM Punk (there to body slam all the nerdos against the locker, I assume).
I’m placing my bets now, though, that the real star of the show will be the DeLorean Time Machine replica, which will be at Comic Con to raise money for the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research. The DeLorean is the time machine from "Back To The Future." Duh. It is also the star of this ridiculous 7-minute Huey Lewis & the News music video for the not-ridiculous song “The Power of Love.”

Get your tickets now. No time travel to save your procrastinating self (or the clock tower!) on this one. You do need a credit card to ride this train. I could keep going...