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Four last minute Halloween costumes made from crap you already own

Posted by Jackie Mantey | October 31, 2012 03:17 PM

If you own: Disdain for the presidential election

Dress up as: This crybaby. (Bronco Bama would be a good costume, too.)

If you own: A binder AND disdain for the presidential election
Dress up as: A binder full of a woman. You can affix that thing to yourself somehow, right? Say really binder-full-of-women-y things all night. Example: “He’s the cute one, right?”
If you own: A sporty raincoat, a microphone and a penchant for physical comedy
Dress up as: A Post-Tropical Storm Sandy weather reporter.

If you own: Mickey Mouse ears and enough hair for two side buns
Dress up as: The latest Disney princess