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Listen: Barely Eagle's debut single

Posted by Chris DeVille | November 07, 2012 11:56 AM

As previously reported, Barely Eagle is a new band whose lineup draws from the already overlapping memberships of defunct Columbus punk greats Go Evol Shiki!, Church of the Red Museum and Deerhead. We saw some promising video of the band in action; now we get two studio tracks in the form of a debut single. If the band's pedigree plus titles "There's Something Wrong With the Kids" and "Guns Don't Kill People, Barely Eagle Kills People" aren't enough to tip you off, it's getting all Albini up in here (with a dash of Swans too?).

Hearing CD102.5 DJ Tom Butler shift from peppy radio friendliness into high-pitched punk negativity is a minor thrill. In terms of atmosphere, both selections are slow, foreboding, heavy and creepily intense. Also: really good and worth a listen.

Stream or download the tracks below via Bandcamp, and see Barely Eagle in concert Nov. 17 at Carabar.