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See the American President…

Posted by Jackie Mantey | November 05, 2012 04:11 PM

Enhance this week’s presidential voting experience with a trip to Capital University for its Schumacher Gallery’s latest art exhibit—a compilation of photographs from the archives of the Associated Press.

The AP is a news journalism wire source that has been reporting on American presidents since Zachary Taylor was in office (refresher: Whig Party, 12th president of the U.S.). Much of the stories of each following administration’s trials and tribulations have been captured by an AP photographer and writer — Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, Reagan’s assassination attempt, James Garfield’s assassination (reporter Franklin Hathaway Trusdell listened at Garfield’s bedroom door for the sound of breathing to hear if whether the president was going to survive).

The nonpartisan exhibit features some of the service’s most iconic photographs and tales as well as images and anecdotes that you only wish you had been privy to before. 

“The American President: Photographs from the Archives of The Associated Press”
Schumacher Gallery at Capital University
Through Dec. 7
1-5 p.m. Monday-Saturday