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Video: The Black Swans - "Where Are You Tonight?"

Posted by Chris DeVille | December 06, 2012 12:09 PM

In which central Black Swan Jerry DeCicca bums around Clintonville with Elvis-impersonating sonofagun Billy Cash, "The Columbus King." (Clintonville leisure is apparently one of DeCicca's favorite hobbies; we once played horseshoes at the Park of Roses for an interview.) Watch and learn about history, geography and music all at once. Swans sideman Sven Kahns directs.

Occasion For Song is out now on Misra Records.

Also, the band just released a family-flouting holiday jam called "Christmas Alone" featuring lead vocals from Bird & Flower singer/legal professional/DeCicca's lady Eve Searls. It's upbeat, melancholy, funny and all-around quite nice.