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By the beard of Zeus! These two new "Anchorman 2" trailers are amazing

Posted by Brad Keefe | October 23, 2013 11:43 AM

True story: I once dated a weathergirl-turned-news-anchor, and she broke up with me in the middle of a viewing of "Anchorman," thereby filling that awesome movie with painful memories. But over the years, I fought through that, because "Anchorman" is way better than that relationship was.

So with these high standards, I was pretty leery of the upcoming sequel. Upon viewing these two new trailers, I am leery no more. This looks amazing.

First, the international trailer:

"Bring on the funbags" indeed. Want more? Enjoy the U.S. release of the trailer for more goodness.

"The Legend Continues" in theaters December 20.