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Cover Lover: Songs to get you Hyped for Halloween

Posted by Abbey Miller | October 31, 2013 11:48 AM

In honor of the most amazing excuse to dress up and pretend to be somebody else ever invented, check out these boner-worthy cover songs to get you in the mood for the festivities.

 5. "Girlfriend in a Coma" -- Mojo Nixon covering The Smiths

"Don't blame me, blame Morrissey."


4. "Bitches Ain't Shit" -- Ben Folds covering Dr. Dre

Ben Folds ain't got time for hos and tricks. Know that.


3. "No Diggity" -- The Klaxons covering Blackstreet

Admit it, you hate yourself for loving this song.


2. "Where is my Mind" -- Maxence Cyrin covering The Pixies

This piano cover is possibly more haunting than the original... possibly.


1. "What a Wonderful World" -- Joey Ramone covering Louis Armstrong

I bet Louis Armstrong even prefers Joey's cover.