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Because we love you: Ballin' Oates

Posted by Abernathy Miller | November 18, 2013 04:13 PM

We love you guys, like, it's serious. That is why we want you to know about The Melker Project's latest mixtape featuring Hall and Oates and a slew of rappers. The only thing better than some Hall and Oates on a crappy Monday afternoon is some Hall and Oates mixed with some Wu-Tang. And Twista. And Rich Boy. And so on. No seriously, you're welcome.

You guys, Oates goes so hard.


1. "Wu-Tang's Maneater" Ft. Hall & Oates and Wu-Tang Clan 2. "What You Know? You're out of Touch!" Ft. Hall & Oates and T.I. 3."Twist's Kiss Is On My List" Ft. Hall & Oates, Twista and Kanye West 4. (My personal favorite) "Rich Girl Meets Rich Boy" ft. Hall & Oates and Rich Boy.  5. "Melker Can't Go for That" Ft. Hall & Oates 

If you're still frowning after that musical majesty, you're the problem.