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Columbus Missed Connections: Your soulmate is searching for you. Part Deux

Posted by Abernathy Miller | November 22, 2013 04:54 PM

This city is brimming with lonely hearts looking for love... on Craigslist. And since I felt so good about helping all those potential lovebirds find each other the first time around, I thought I'd make it a regular Friday thing. I'm like, the Craigslist match-maker!

What dude in a financial position to be a "sugar daddy" hangs around the River Valley mall?

I like to refer to "handjobs" as "old fashioneds"... it sounds classier, and anybody getting a handjob from a stranger in public knows a thing about class.

Classy ladies love to get motorboated, especially at the library. Hey, at least he reads.

I really want to get to know you...and your breasts.

I'm sure "Stephanie" only give dances and shots to really special guys she is interested in.