And she brought her a mixer.

Since it's (technically) spring, there were probably a lot of bridal showers in Columbus last weekend. But, presumably, only one had Taylor Swift in attendance.

As has been reported on every media outlet imaginable, T-Swift followed up her surprise SNL appearance with a surprise appearance at the bridal shower of Gena Gabrielle of Columbus. Gena first met Swift at a fan meet-and-greet in 2007 and later invited the country-pop superstar to her wedding and bridal shower - so, yeah, she wasn't technically crashing, but it was a surprise.

Photo courtesy shower attendee/awesome Columbus musician Mary Lynn

"When I told (Swift) last September I was engaged, she asked me to remind her," Gena said. "I sent her a bridal shower invite because the wedding invites weren't available, but I never expected her to actually show!"

Swift came bearing gifts, of course, including a mixer and other useful homegoods.

Meanwhile, Taylor's selfie game is on-point.

Oh, and do you know who didn't show up at any bridal showers this weekend, even though they were totally in Columbus? Miley Cyrus. That's who.

UPDATE: Here are some additional photos courtesy of Gena Gabrielle.