Lamb Of God did not headline the Easter drama in Salem, VA. Bummer.

Salem, Virginia residents hoping for a "black sabbath" were sorely disappointed on Easter Sunday.

The official ticket from the "Lamb of God" Community Easter Drama in Salem, VA.

American metal band Lamb Of God's logo was accidentally used on tickets for the Salem Community's Easter Drama, making for some confused invitees.

"Lamb of God" event organizers were referring to the name of the performance, and (of course) Jesus Christ, not the metal heads who penned instant classics like, "Walk With Me In Hell," and "Laid To Rest."

A resounding "D'oh!" was heard throughout the town.

According to, event organizers posted this on the event's (now defunct) Facebook page in regards to the metal vs. the King of Kings snafu:

"We understand there have been some unfriendly comments online because of a graphic we used on one of our invitation tickets that had not been properly vetted. That graphic is on those tickets only and is not the "official" logo for the drama. We apologize for our mistake and for any confusion we may have caused. Now, back to our true purpose, and that is lifting the name of Jesus Christ!"

Though it might have brought out a fresh group of sinners for the Lord to heal, the collateral damage from booking America's heaviest metal heads might be more trouble than it's worth.

Actually, if you switch out "hell" for "heaven," Lamb of God lyrics could totally double as some pretty rad fire and brimstone-themed church hymns!

"Pray for solace/Pray for resolve/Pray for a savior/Pray for deliverance, some kind of purpose/A glimpse of a light in this void of existence." --

"Walk With Me In Hell," by Lamb Of God.