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Say it ain't sofa: Short North's limestone couch is being removed

Posted by Brad Keefe | July 10, 2014 05:31 PM

The Limestone Sofa in happier times circa 2004/Dispatch file photo

The Short North's iconic "Limestone Sofa" sculpture next to the Skully's/Magnolia Thunderpussy parking lot is being deinstalled tomorrow, so this is your last chance to go sit on it. Although, honestly, we wouldn't recommend it.

The couch was created by artist and University of Akron Art Department Chair Robert Huff in 2004 and has weathered a decade of change in the Short North. It's also seen its share of vandalism and transients. Seriously, you don't want to sit on it.

The sofa is slated to be removed and repaired over the next six months before moving to it's new home outside the Cultural Arts Center downtown.