Wherein we say goodbye to Katie Valeska's run on Sketch in the City

Editor's note: Nix Comics' Ken Eppstein curates and edits this weekly feature. To reach out to Ken to be included in future installments of Sketch in the City, you can email him at ken@nixcomics.com or hit up his Twitter @nixcomics. This last installment of Katie Valeska's run on "Sketch In the City" really underscores how Columbus is becoming a destination for talented young artists and professionals, making our city more than its "just a college football town" rep. Visit nextyearsgirl.com for more great cartoons! -Ken Eppstein And that's it, folks. Katie Valeska's run on Sketch in the City is over. If you missed her previous five strips, here you go: One, two, three, four and five. Join us next week, same Sketch time, same Sketch channel, for an introduction to a new Columbus supervillain.