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Sketch in the City: Diabolical #3

Posted by Justin McIntosh | August 01, 2014 03:55 PM
Editor's note: Nix Comics' Ken Eppstein curates and edits this weekly feature. To reach out to Ken to be included in future installments of Sketch in the City you can email him at or hit him up on Twitter @nixcomics.
Oh, those cartoonists. Always late to the party! Rich Trask’s tribute to last month’s ComFest may be a little tardy, but it is an earnest expression of how amazing the annual fair is at turning on even the most sour leather-clad malcontents and ambitious go-getters to a local vibe. —Ken Eppstein
This is Rich Trask's third strip in a six-week run. Read the first installment here, the second here, and return next week for part four.