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It's not all Hollywood up in here at this weekend's convention

Mexican-themed bar and restaurant was planned to open Friday

Previous recordings have featured acts like Lydia Loveless, Califone and The Reciever

Plus! A new restaurant to open by Rumba and Yellow Brick Pizza's sour beer party (and more!)

Hmm grilled cheese and tomato soup (and, yep, donuts). 

Grab a stein and drink up, Columbus. The city's latest beer hall is here at last.

Method Man & Redman rocked out the Newport Friday, rapping a mix of the beloved duo's songs and, well, whatever the hell else they felt like. 

Including stuff the Ohio Game Developer Expo, HighBall, Columbus Comedy Festival and more

Sketch in the City: Sidewalks #3

Posted by Justin McIntosh

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Former CCAD student and 2013 Alive cover subject Ngockhahn Ngo opens store after online and pop-up options