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You have no excuse to be bored.

This Friday, Aug. 28, marks the return of Salty Caramel to Jeni’s scoop shops across the country. No pints yet. Just scoops. Delicious sweet and salty scoops.

Paul McCartney coming to Columbus' Nationwide Arena on Oct. 13

It’s another year, another stellar slate of music acts for Independents’ Day. The festival’s 2015 lineup hit their website earlier today, and it’s a doozy.

Tabelog, a restaurant-finder website that got its start in Japan, recently cranked out their list of the 10 Best Diners in America, and lo and behold, the Short North's Skully's Music-Diner is at the top.

Including The Avett Brothers, The Shazzbots and a pre-workday rave.

Sketch in the City: Matt Wyatt #5

Posted by Ken Eppstein

Are we taking bets on who is going to end up trampled by a rabid mob this week: our presidentially inclined governor facing off against Donald Trump’s unstoppable horde or Matt Wyatt for spoofing Ohio’s most beloved cartoonist?

One Direction delivers on audience expectations at Ohio Stadium

Featuring a film festival, a food truck festival and other non-festival things.

Sketch in the City: Matt Wyatt #4

Posted by Ken Eppstein

I don’t know what kind of sex education classes were part of the curriculum in the ’70s in central Ohio, but I think they did right by Matt Wyatt. I’m pretty sure, despite what Matt is suggesting in this week’s Sketch in the City, that you can’t get pregnant by eating a hamburger.