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Sketch in the City: Matt Wyatt #1

Posted by Ken Eppstein

To date, the Sketch in the City artists have been pretty gentle with their satires and parodies. That changes this week as Matt Wyatt takes the reins and gives us six weeks of neighborhood love filtered through the style of famous cartoonists! 

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Blueprint is ok following a tour accident, but his van is not

Sketch in the City: PLOX #6

Posted by Ken Eppstein

Steve Hamaker wraps up his cartoon tour of the city at his alma mater, the Columbus School of Arts and Design.

You have no excuse to be bored.

The Ultimate Columbus Playlist?

Posted by Justin McIntosh

Spotify data provides playlists of "most distinctive" songs in urban cities across the world

Sketch in the City: PLOX #5

Posted by Ken Eppstein

Wherein we visit the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum

Including the Mayor's Twilight Ride, the Wet Darlings' record release and more