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Technique Talk: Playwright Aleesha Nash

Posted by Jackie Mantey

How an art history class project at Otterbein University inspired a one-woman play.

I don't know what it says about running that it takes blasts of colored sand-like grains or obstacle courses to get people to go for a jog, but hey, whatever works. The latest in gimmicky fun runs is coming to Columbus April 6. The Glo Run is a 5K that takes place at night, with DJs along the course, glow-in-the-dark race shirts, necklaces, bracelets (and more!) and special effects lights. So, yea, it's basically a running rave.

For more info, head to

The jam- and DJ-friendly fest returns to Legend Valley July 18-21.

Liang's reign begins this summer.

Don't worry. It does not disappoint.

Keep in mind, though, he "didn't build the paintings."

Five quick thoughts on Sunday's show.

I give this video four poops and a piece of shrimp.

Wouldn't be surprised to see either of these shows sell out fast.