Columbus Alive staff

Who is your favorite visual artist of all time?

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Justin McIntosh Editor

Charles Burns or Chris Ware

Brad Keefe Web producer

Salvador Dali. I am un chien andalusia.

Chris DeVille Reporter

Mark Rothko, but only 'cause Bert Cooper said so

Alyse Kordenbrock Graphic Designer

Typographer and illustrator Jessica Hische

Lauren Kuntz Graphic Designer

Rene Magritte

Meghan Ralston Photographer

Cindy Sherman

Sean Carter Marketing Coordinator

Anyone involved with ENESS

Erica Phillips Restaurant Account Executive

Monica Daniels

Jessica Acito Display Account Executive

Yogesh Chaudhary ... he's the best

Dani Stone Display Account Executive

Ansel Adams

Stacy Hitts Creative Sales Specialist

Will Shilling

Vanessa Micic Digital Advertising Specialist

My sister, Rachel

Valeria McNeal Display Account Executive

Oswaldo Guayasamin

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