Columbus Alive staff

Who is your favorite Columbus-area athlete of all time?

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Justin McIntosh

Brian McBride

Brad Keefe Associate Editor

Jesse Owens. Suck it, Hitler!

Chris DeVille Reporter

Eddie Gaven and Brian Maisonneuve (tie)

Jesse Tigges

Johnny Utah

Alyse Kordenbrock Graphic Designer

The Hamm brothers — Paul and Morgan

Lauren Kuntz

Forrest Griffin

Meghan Ralston

Brutus Buckeye

Sean Carter Marketing Coordinator

Jesse Owens

Erica Phillips Restaurant Account Executive

Randy Savage

Jessica Acito Display Account Executive

Braxton Miller

Dani Stone Display Account Executive

Aaron Craft

Stacy Hitts

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Vanessa Warner

Chris Spielman

Valeria McNeal Display Account Executive

"Guille" Barros Schelotto

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