Columbus Alive staff

Which comic book character would you most like to have lunch with?

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Justin McIntosh


Brad Keefe Associate Editor

Doctor Manhattan (preferably with pants)

Chris DeVille Reporter

The Invisible Man

Jackie Mantey Reporter

Bane, Tom Hardy version

Jesse Tigges

Take Aquaman to a nice seafood dinner and never call him again

Alyse Kordenbrock Graphic Designer

Alfred Pennyworth. I love to hear Baby Bruce stories.

Lauren Kuntz

Tony Stark. At least I'd get a fancy meal out of it.

Meghan Ralston

Peter Parker

Sean Carter Marketing Coordinator


Erica Phillips Restaurant Account Executive

Mr. Fantastic

Jessica Acito Display Account Executive

Dennis the Menace

Dani Stone Display Account Executive


Stacy Hitts


Valeria McNeal Display Account Executive


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