Columbus Alive staff

What is your greatest feat of strength?

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Justin McIntosh

Surviving my dad's 50th birthday bar crawl bender

Brad Keefe Associate Editor

Watching both parts of "Twilight: Breaking Dawn"

Chris DeVille Reporter

Coming up with a staff question answer every week

Jackie Mantey Reporter

Watching three seasons of "Archer" in one weekend

Jesse Tigges

The right one

Alyse Kordenbrock Graphic Designer

Abstaining from sugar, grains, starches and lactose

Lauren Kuntz

Power sleeping

Meghan Ralston

I can carry 50-plus pound of camera gear anywhere

Sean Carter Marketing Coordinator

I once had a kidney stone ...

Erica Phillips Restaurant Account Executive

Grocery shopping

Jessica Acito Display Account Executive

Cooking a mean gluten-free meal

Dani Stone Display Account Executive

Always finishing my Chipotle burrito

Stacy Hitts

Able to lift small children with a single arm

Vanessa Warner

Owning the rock climbing wall at Vertical Adventures

Valeria McNeal Display Account Executive

Won first place in the 200 meter at a national competition

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