Columbus Alive staff

What's your St. Patrick's Day tradition?

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Justin McIntosh Editor

Giving the stink eye to questions re: my lack of green attire

Brad Keefe Web producer

Shamrock Shake Bombs! #YOLO

Jackie Mantey Reporter

Encouraging free drinks for redheads

Jesse Tigges Reporter

Jameson and shepherd's pie (AT HOME)

Alyse Kordenbrock Graphic Designer

Enjoying Ireland's finest: Dubliner cheese, Magners Irish Cider and Jameson

Lauren Kuntz Graphic Designer

Irish car bomb cupcakes

Meghan Ralston Photographer

Visiting family graves and family reunions

Sean Carter Marketing Coordinator

Not eating black pudding

Erica Phillips Restaurant Account Executive

BBQ and fireworks

Jessica Acito Display Account Executive

Green beer day!

Dani Stone Display Account Executive

Green eggs and ham

Chris Daniel Support Services Generalist

Going commando in a plaid skirt

Stacy Hitts Creative Sales Specialist

Hanging stockings by the chimney with care

Vanessa Micic Digital Advertising Specialist

Getting together with friends at Grapevine Pizza

Valeria McNeal Display Account Executive

Eat corned beef and cabbage

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