Columbus Alive staff

Who's your favorite Muppet?

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Justin McIntosh

The Martians aka The Yip-Yips

Brad Keefe Associate Editor

Sad Kermit

Andy Downing Assistant Editor

Count von Count — My first complete sentence as a kid was a Count impression: "One apple, ah, ah, ah."

Jesse Tigges


Abernathy Miller

The one that looks like Donatella Versace in the Muppet band

Lauren McMullen

Baby Gonzo

Alyse Kordenbrock Graphic Designer

Statler aka the tall grumpy old man

Lauren Kuntz

Waldorf aka the short grumpy old man

Meghan Ralston

Swedish Chef

Erica Phillips Restaurant Account Executive

None, the are all creepy.

Kimberly Ross Display Account Executive

Fozzie Bear

Stacy Hitts

The Swedish Chef

Valeria McNeal Display Account Executive


Greg Glasser Display Account Executive


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