Columbus Alive staff

Which resolution will you break first?

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Justin McIntosh

My resolution is to not make a resolution.

Brad Keefe Associate Editor

Not mentioning Bradtoberfest.

Andy Downing Assistant Editor

Keeping up with my subscription to the New Yorker.

Jesse Tigges

Keeping my car clean.

Abernathy Miller

To stop swearing.

Lauren McMullen

The one where I try to be nicer to people.

Alyse Kordenbrock Graphic Designer

Drinking less and running more.

Lauren Kuntz

Making a resolution.

Meghan Ralston

Eating better.

Erica Phillips Restaurant Account Executive

Spending less money. Everyone needs a Wax Vac.

Kimberly Ross Display Account Executive

Dieting (I really do try).

Nicole Stelzer

Giving up chocolate.

Stacy Hitts

Don't make 'em, can't break 'em!

Valeria McNeal Display Account Executive


Greg Glasser Display Account Executive

Quitting awesome-ness.

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