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Restaurant review: The new Crest Parsons is A&R’s best restaurant yet

In just a few short years, the A&R Creative Group has dotted the local landscape with popular, modern restaurants such as The Crest Gastropub in Clintonville, Ethyl & Tank and The Market Italian Village. The group has primarily accomplished this by moving into “transitioning” neighborhoods and building — or rehabbing less-than-desirable spaces into — chic hotspots featuring terrific beer lists and eclectic menus
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Mountain of fun: Pierogi Mountain’s Oktoberfest at Cafe Bourbon Street

When you think “Oktoberfest,” what comes to mind? Dudes in goofy lederhosen swaying to oompah music? Recalibrate those expectations.
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Food News: Local Cantina opens in Brewery District; Jonathon Sawyer eyeing Italian Village

Cleveland chef Jonathon Sawyer plans to build a restaurant in the new Burwell Heights development at Summit Street and Fifth Avenue in Italian Village. The development has yet to break ground. Sawyer has previously discussed opening a location of his Japanese ramen shop Noodlecat in Columbus, although there’s no word if the Burwell Heights space will be filled with that restaurant or another concept.
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Restaurant review: CD102.5's Big Room Bar offers good food, booze and live music

It’d been a long time since I caught myself humming one of the dumbest and funniest earworms ever written. But there I was, enjoying the excellent happy hour in the Big Room Bar — the eating, drinking and live music arm of CD102.5 — while murmuring that ridiculous tune from the first Ramones album that goes “Beat on the brat/Beat on the brat/Beat on the brat with a baseball bat/Oh yeah, oh yeah, uh-oh.“
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