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Restaurant review: Terrific Flatiron widens its appeal with a slew of bold, new menu items

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is an often-cited piece of conventional wisdom. As Flatiron Bar and Diner is proving with its alluring new menu, conventional wisdom is sometimes just too … conventional.
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Food News: Salty Caramel returns to Jeni’s, Easton Whole Foods opens soon

Jeni’s Ice Creams announced their signature flavor Salty Caramel will return to their scoop shops this Friday, Aug. 28. The flavor has been absent since the shops first shut down due to a Listeria contamination discovered in the Jeni’s production facility in April.
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Say "Hai" to a delicious pop-up: Hai Poke at Oddfellows is a winner

“Are you ready for poke?” a guy in a gray t-shirt asked seconds after I walked into Oddfellows Liquor Bar. He seemed unduly ebullient and extremely eager for me to buy something.
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Downtown Abbey: Inaugural Wake and Shake gets bodies dancing before work

Fun fact: Dancing until the sun comes up is a vastly different experience from dancing when the sun comes up.
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