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Restaurant review: New Taj Mahal serves flavorful, spicy Indian food for OSU campus

Spending a decent chunk of money to dine inside a restaurant should be a fun experience, not just feeding yourself. This thesis, which I believe in, makes New Taj Mahal’s flavorful food OK for take-out.
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Restaurant Review: Till’s "Taqueria Thursday" tacos don’t disappoint

Till has to be the most versatile restaurant in town. That’s why I believe the remainder of its title — “Dynamic Fare” — describes an ideology/aesthetic instead of a cuisine style. And that’s why Till is willing to tackle any kind of cooking — vegan, meaty, American comfort, Mediterranean, Asian, Jewish, you-name-it — so long as Till can do it in its inimitably own beautiful and from-scratch way. I know what you’re thinking now: Yeah, but what about tacos?
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