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Restaurant review: Dog-friendly Moretti’s of Arlington is an enduring classic

For Moretti’s of Arlington, the dog days aren’t just the tail-end of summer, they run the entire al fresco season. See, weather permitting, Moretti’s invites guests to hang out with their pooches in the restaurant’s comfortable and handsome courtyard. It’s a Mondays-only tradition called “Pups on the Patio,” and it’s how I found myself enjoying robust Italian-American food while relaxing to a fountain splashing and a fuzzy face nuzzling my arm.
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Restaurant review: Top Thai place Erawan dishes up authenticity and affability

On one side of the cute and tidy room, a muted “Bassmaster” fishing show was playing. On the other side were statuettes of Garuda, a creature featured in Southeast Asian myths. The semiotic message was as potent as the flavors on my plate. Here, blissfully escapist American entertainment seamlessly coexists with a chimerical figure widely known as a symbol for Thailand. Welcome to Erawan, where authentic Thai food is served in an intimidation-free zone.
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Downtown Abbey: On a Tuesday: Topics Discussed: Banana Hammocks, killer patios, VCR cleaner

Scratch “amateur stripper night” off my bucket list.
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Restaurant review: Do the hump-day dance at The Pint House

What’s a good price for a snazzy beer plus a delicious dinner of crispy-skinned roasted chicken (in half-bird form) served with a bunch of terrific hand-cut fries? If you said $20, I’d say that sounds like a deal. Well, how about $10? Welcome to Hump Day at The Pint House.
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