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Restaurant review: Charrito’s Mexican Grill

While visiting Charrito’s Mexican Grill, I began to view its menu like a statement from an uncooperative witness in an investigation: there was obviously more to the story than this. So I began some grilling of my own — quizzing cooks and servers about dishes being whisked out that didn’t appear on the menu. This detective work led me to conclude that Charrito’s is guilty of serving inexpensive, delicious food that often transcends Tex-Mex cliches.
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Food News: Patrick J’s, Cafe Bella and Rivage close

Clintonville bar and restaurant Patrick J’s closed abruptly last weekend after nearly 30 years in business. No official reason was shared for the closing. Plans have already been announced for the re-development of both the Patrick J’s site and that of the former White Castle adjoining it.
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Restaurant review: Lineage Brewing

Is it really surprising that Lineage Brewing was an instant hit when it opened last spring? Lineage is a smart and fashionable craft beer brewery in Clintonville — a neighborhood enamored with things that are smart, fashionable and involve craft beer.
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Strip Mining: Hidden gem eats tucked in Columbus strip malls

Most people associate the term “strip mall” with words like nondescript, generic or interchangeable. In Columbus, however, strip malls can house unique, standalone destinations that serve up international delicacies spanning the globe — a far cry from the commercial chain stores patrons tend to confront in city shopping plazas.
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