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Restaurant review: 101 Beer Kitchen brunch delivers a comfort-food punch

The newish brunch service at 101 Beer Kitchen aptly displays this place’s charms. Its hearty and sneakily crafty fare is unabashedly masculine, yet smart, stylish and accessible enough to have broad appeal. Plus, while 101’s scratch-made, relatively inexpensive brunch dishes exhibit many down-home Southern and zesty Southwestern influences, there’s a decent-enough range of meats, seafoods and sweets to please a wide swath of eaters. No, it’s not vegan-accommodating, but the only other thing in super-short supply on 101’s succinct brunch menu is effete fussiness.
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Event preview: Surprising pop-up restaurants spice up Moonlight Market

After prudently taking the last three frigid months off, the Moonlight Market is returning with renewed purpose and passion on Saturday, April 12. If you’re not familiar with the Moonlight Market, its name might suggest some sort of shady or bootlegger operation at first, but of course it’s not.
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