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Restaurant review: Good fried chicken and chef-cooked Southern classics are a dual threat at Double Comfort

The timing of Double Comfort couldn’t be better. A fried chicken specialist enamored with Southern classics, month-old Double Comfort rides in on a wave of fried chicken mania that’s approaching tsunami levels in Columbus. Credit Chef Dan Varga (formerly of Explorers Club) and owner Mary Lyski (it’s her recipe) that Double Comfort’s chicken surfs near the crest of this movement.
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Salad days: From vegan to beefy, six green giants you shouldn’t take for granted

Salads are often taken for granted — if they’re taken at all. This happens even in summer, when the weather can become an appetite-zapping bummer, and a tricked-out, fresh and big salad could be a complete and appealing meal. Unfortunately, the reality of sad crap mostly dumped out of some bag and ambushed by a factory-made dressing shatters this delicious dream of eating healthfully. It doesn’t have to be that way.
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