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Restaurant review: Bareburger has a great aesthetic, inconsistent execution

Bareburger talks the talk and sometimes walks the walk. A popular and ostensibly enlightened New York City-based chain specializing in all organic, pasture-raised burgers (which include beef and vegan options, but also elk, bison and boar), the new Bareburger in the Short North shows plenty of zeitgeist-y style, plus some room for improvement.
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When Hungry Met Thirsty: Six Columbus restaurants that pair great food with terrific drinks

In sync with the spirit — and spirits — of Alive’s bar guide, here are places that serve terrific drinks, but also cook great versions of regular cravings like burgers and tacos, pizza and sushi. See, sometimes you can have it all.
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Restaurant review: Greek Express delivers the expected gyro goods in a handsome setting

When the gyro hankering calls — and hey, it happens — and you want it cheap, easy and right away (let’s be frank, those modifiers usually come with the gyro-craving territory), the newish Greek Express in Grandview is a solid option. Though in essence a fast-food joint with a drive-through, this family-owned Greek Express (it’s a mini-chain of five spit-slicers) doesn’t look a bit like those depressing prefab operations common to the fast-food genre.
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