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Restaurant review: The Carvery slices up quick, cheap and great scratch-made lunches downtown

I didn’t expect to hear “Kick Out the Jams,” MC5’s proto-punk anthem from 1969, cranked up when I entered a sleek new Downtown lunch spot recently. Turns out that smart and terrific, six-week-old sandwich shop was full of surprises.
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Staff Pick: 49th Annual Oktoberfest

Full disclosure: Despite the obvious Scottish connotations of my last name, I come from a long line of proud Germans. (My mother is a Haas, and, as family lore goes, her great-great grandfather was a German brewer.)
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Grub crawl: A tour of Columbus taverns raising the bar on pub food

Once upon a time, writing a story about Columbus bar food was easy. Just round up the usual suspects serving the usual greasy kid’s stuff that wobbly people mindlessly chew to soak up the hooch, and you’re done. There really weren’t a ton of handmade — let alone interesting or distinct — tavern-y nibbles out there. My, how times have changed.
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Dining (with)out: Where to eat and drink on a special diet

I’m a gluten-free vegetarian and my girlfriend is vegan. Though we are admittedly homebodies, we both love food and enjoy the occasional night on the town with friends.
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Bar profile: Spacebar hits the right key

When Spacebar owner Ben DeRolph took over at 2590 N. High St., the task to transform the dive-y North Campus rock joint into a sophisticated music venue seemed as ambitious as putting a man on the moon for the first time. But after a long and grinding remodel, DeRolph’s vision is almost complete. With a brand new sound system, an eye-popping new look and a wildly successful launch weekend, Spacebar is finally off the ground.
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Food made with booze

Few things beat an expert pairing of liquor and fine fare, and a few Columbus purveyors are cutting out the middle man. Expertly cooking the libations directly into the dish allows both food fanatics and liquor lovers to double down on the alcohol intake — though, obvs, it won’t get you drunk; we’re not talking jello shots here — while enjoying some delicious nosh. Whether it's a sweet treat or a beer-brushed burger, chowing on booze-fueled fare is better than ever.
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Restaurant review: Gallo’s Tap Room new menu solidifies sports-bar’s all-star status

When Gallo’s Tap Room opened a decade ago, its rock-and-roll attitude, lengthy beer list and ahead-of-the-curve pub grub separated it from a pack of generic sports bars. Gallo’s near-instant success meant near-constant crowds and an overtaxed cooking staff valiantly operating in a tiny alcove of a makeshift kitchen.
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