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Movie review: “Raiders!” swings adventure of most amazing fan film ever

When I was 11 years old, there was nothing I wanted more in life than to be Indiana Jones.
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Other new movie releases for the weekend of June 24

New releases for the weekend of June 24
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Movie review: “Free State of Jones” is tone-deaf history lesson

It’s an odd bit of scheduling for “Free State of Jones” to come out this week against the sequel to “Independence Day” instead of last weekend. Father’s Day would have made more sense.
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Movie review: “The Fits” is a wildly original debut film worth exploring

In a summer season when we often note how risk-averse Hollywood is when it comes to doing anything original, a movie like “The Fits” is a refreshing burst.
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Movie review: “Dheepan” gives a gritty look into the eyes of a war refugee

French director Jacques Audiard first came to international prominence with 2009’s “A Prophet,” the story of a young Arab man whose time in a French prison leads him down the path of organized crime. It was a gritty and fantastic crime story that garnered an Oscar nod.
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