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Movie review: Both Gyllenhaal, audience take beating in “Southpaw”

In “Southpaw,” Jake Gyllenhaal stars as a heavily tattooed boxer with the thematically loaded name of Will Hope. A light heavyweight champion, Will has remained undefeated as much through his ability to keep standing after a brutal beating as through his way with a punch.
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New movie releases for the weekend of July 24

New in theaters:
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For indie publisher Two Dollar Radio, small film budget fuels big creativity

The cast and crew of “The Removals” is racing to Dublin’s “Field of Corn” sculpture to shoot a scene before the thunderstorm hits. As lightning pierces the horizon and claps of thunder boom, Nicholas Rombes, director of “The Removals” — a micro-budget film project from independent boutique book publisher Two Dollar Radio that branched out into film production in 2013 — guides actor Jeff Wood, who plays the film’s male lead, Mason. Though the crew never intended for this scene to take place during a burgeoning, violent storm, it turned out to be one of the film’s best.
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