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Movie review: ‘Manchester by the Sea’ brings emotion in waves

Kenneth Lonergan has directed just three films, so any new release by him is cause for celebration. It just so happens that “Manchester by the Sea” is also his best work to date.
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Movie review: ‘Nocturnal Animals’ layers stories for Ford’s follow-up

It’s been six years since fashion designer Tom Ford directed his first feature film, “A Single Man,” the quietly devastating portrait of a closeted gay professor dealing with the death of his longtime partner in 1960s Los Angeles.
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Movie review: This ‘Office Christmas Party’ never gets as wild as it wants

While audiences haven’t exactly flocked to the mean-spirited (and inferior) “Bad Santa 2,” this weekend brings another chance to deck the halls with boughs of raunchy.
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Other new movie releases for the weekend of December 9

New movie releases for the weekend of December 9
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