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Movie review: “Deadpool” not the superhero movie we deserve, but it’s the one we need right now

Confession time: I’m tired of superhero movies. Even (mostly) the good ones. There are 15 Marvel movies slated for release between now and the end of 2020 — I, for one, can’t even handle the anticipation for “Untitled Marvel Movie 3!” — along with another 16 from the DC Comics catalog.
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2016 Sex Survey: Movie turn-ons and turn-offs

Here are some of the (non-pornographic) films that turn our readers on and others which survey responders labeled instant turn-offs.
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Other new movie releases for the weekend of February 12

New in theaters this weekend
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Movie review: “How to Be Single” is just a cynical Hollywood Valentine’s Day vehicle

Might I suggest an alternate title for “How to Be Single”? “Typecasting: The Movie!” Dakota Johnson of “Fifty Shades of Grey” fame stars as a mousy young woman discovering a broadened sexuality while clinging to old-timey gender roles.
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The List: 6 badass road horror flicks as chosen by the “Southbound” filmmakers

“Road Games”
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The List: The Coen brothers’ filmography ranked

Joel and Ethan Coen aren’t just brothers; they’re a film institution. They’ve been making wonderful and wildly weird films for three decades, so in honor of their latest release (“Hail, Caesar!”), we’re ranking their oeuvre.
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