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Movie review: “St. Vincent” and the unbearable lightness of being Bill Murray

Over the decades, Bill Murray has evolved into a kind of national institution of pop culture. He’s the leading natural source of Bill Murray-ness. He is, in his own way, already a saint.
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New movie releases in Columbus for the weekend of Oct. 24

Reviews include "St. Vincent," "Dear White People," "John Wick" and "Copenhagen."
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Movie review: Keanu Reaves’ new action flick “John Wick” burns lean and mean

I realize that the blurb declaring “John Wick” to be “the best Keanu Reeves movie since ‘The Matrix’” may not seem like much, as the dude hasn’t been in a lot of blockbusters of late.
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Movie review: Dear White People, it’s OK to laugh (as long as you think)

Writer-director Justin Simien’s much talked-about satire “Dear White People” comes to Columbus this week with all the stickiness you’d expect from a comedy about race. As the director recently clarified for the white people in the audience, it’s OK to laugh.
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Movie review: “Copenhagen” is sweet, but premise is not

The movie equivalent of not judging a book by its cover is not judging a movie by its central premise.
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