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Movie review: “American Sniper” sets sights on a black-and-white view of war

Friends have been asking me about “American Sniper” since seeing the movie’s ubiquitous, tense-as-hell trailers. You know, the ones with the pounding heartbeat that end on an “oh, god, what happens?” moment.
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Movie review: Manny Pacquiao documentary filed under amazing-but-true

One of my favorite things about documentaries is that sometimes they tell stories that are too unbelievable to be real. Yet they are.
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New movie releases for January 23

New in theaters:
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The List: Top 10 bullies

Rising Nashville rockers Bully visit Rumba Café this week, so to celebrate we’re taking a look at 10 of our favorite bullies taken from film (Francis Buxton of “Pee-wee’s Big Adventure”), the comic pages (“Calvin and Hobbes’” mop-topped muscle Moe) and even nature (Siamese fighting fish). As “Back to the Future’s” Biff might say, read on, buttheads.
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Movie review: Documentary captures birth of modern feminist movement

Sometimes you have to stop and look back to realize how far you’ve come and how you got there.
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