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Movie review: “Buzzard” is dark slacker comedy perfection

There’s a special kind of ambition in a great slacker movie. The dark, weird and hilarious “Buzzard” is definitely a great slacker movie.
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New movie releases for the weekend of March 6

New in theaters
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Staff Pick: The Wexner Center’s “Essential 3D” film series

In Hollywood, use of 3D has often become a gimmicky cash cow, as movies shot in 2D get digitally converted to 3D in an effort to sell higher-priced tickets. Not what you would consider essential.
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Movie review: “Exotic Marigold” sequel is definitely second-best

I don’t know if anyone under the age of 65 was clamoring for a “Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel,” but even with the law of diminishing returns on comedy sequels, it’s tough to argue with reuniting this cast.
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The List: Top ten twins

With TwinSmith coming to town for a show at The Tree Bar Tuesday, March 3, we thought we’d rank our favorite twins … because a list of Smiths would just be stupid.
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