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Movie review: “The Walk” lacks much depth, but it soars to dizzying heights

The story of Frenchman Philippe Petit’s daring (and illegal) high-wire walk between the Twin Towers in 1974 has already been told onscreen in the excellent 2008 documentary “Man on Wire.”
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The List: Nine 3D movies that are actually worth seeing in 3D

It’s been about a decade since Hollywood went all in on 3D filmmaking. Technology leapt past the days of red-and-blue glasses, theaters invested in 3D projection systems, and studios learned the public would pay a lot more for the experience.
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Movie review: “Sleeping with Other People” falls into old rom-com cliches

It’s OK for a romantic comedy to be a little sloppy and uneven. Romances tend to be those things, too. But, like a self-destructive relationship, “Sleeping with Other People” flirts with circumventing the conventions it keeps running back to.
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Movie review: Slow-dawning terror makes “Goodnight Mommy” great

After a decade marked by a lot of torture porn and a glut of found-footage movies dependent on jump scares — which work on a purely evolutionary level, because loud noises, but c’mon — it’s nice to see the emergence of more movies that crawl around in your head rather than scream at it.
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New movie releases for the weekend of October 2

New movies in theaters this weekend include The Martian, Sicario, Finders Keepers and Saving Mr. Wu.
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