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Movie review: Be kind and just rewind “Sex Tape”

R-rated comedies have become so bankable in the past decade that we may officially be reaching critical mass. It seems you can’t throw a dildo without hitting a raunchy comedy this summer.
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The List: Top 10 Macs

With Canadian singer-songwriter Mac DeMarco coming to Skully’s this week, we’re counting down our favorite Macs ever. (We had to disqualify our editor Justin McIntosh due to professional conflicts, but he knows we love him.)
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Staff Pick: “Coherence” manages high tension on a low budget

I’m all for an ambitious independent film, but I really love when a concept is both clever and built for a smaller budget. “Coherence” hits both these points.
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Movie review: “Purge: Anarchy” takes its concept to the streets

What is it about futuristic dystopias in movies? Can’t we have one movie where things turn out, I dunno, nice? Where’s our cinematic futuristic puppytopia where the world is run by benevolent super-intelligent corgis? I’d watch that movie.
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