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Movie review: Kevin Smith’s “Tusk” is the most WTF movie of 2014

My most cautious recommendation of the week is Kevin Smith’s latest film, “Tusk.” To say it’s not for everyone is an understatement. Read on to see if it might be right for you, and wish me luck as I try to convey that without spoiling any of the movie’s surprises.
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The List: Top 10 gnarly ladies

Being a badass is pretty badass, but it’s even more badass when you’re a badass lady. In honor of the Lady Gnar Shredders, a local bicycle racing team made up of badass ladies “shredding the gnar,” we’ve compiled a (in no way comprehensive) list of some of our favorite gnarly ladies. Ranging from comic book heroines to over-the-top pop-culture personalities, they run the gamut of awesome in their own way.
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Movie review: “Trip to Italy” wonderfully delivers more of the same

If 2010’s “The Trip” seemed like an unlikely comedy success, the notion of a more-of-the-same sequel seems just as unlikely. And yet it works.
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More Columbus new movie releases for September 19

“A Walk Among the Tombstones”
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