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Movie review: Creed finds new life in Rocky series

The “Rocky” movies have been throwing cinematic punches of varying effectiveness for almost four decades. And much like the anticipation for J.J. Abram’s new “Star Wars” installment, it seems some fresh blood was the perfect match for a successor.
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Movie review: Good Dinosaur is second-tier Pixar

Pixar has been doing what it does for two decades now, and what it does is put out some of the best animated movies, well, ever.
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Other new movie releases for Thanksgiving weekend

New in theaters:
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Movie review: “Brooklyn” a lovely and warm immigrant tale

In a season when Oscar-baiting period pieces tend to make me recoil, “Brooklyn” succeeds with a sentimental touch. The tale of a young Irish immigrant examines what “home” really is.
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Movie review: Devastating “Room” may be 2015’s best film

Like its central location, “Room” is small and relatively quiet, but it manages to pack a massive emotional punch, alternately devastating and redemptive. And, even with a crowded month and a half left in 2015, it’s a frontrunner for the best film of the year.
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