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Movie review: Con caper “Focus” is a fun break from the cold

Maybe it’s the cold, and maybe it’s that I have really low expectations for Hollywood movies in February — seriously, it’s bad-movie dumping season — but the con caper “Focus” felt a bit like a 20-degree uptick in the temperature.
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New movies in theaters for the weekend of February 27

“The Lazarus Effect”
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The List: Top ten twins

With TwinSmith coming to town for a show at The Tree Bar Tuesday, March 3, we thought we’d rank our favorite twins … because a list of Smiths would just be stupid.
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Staff Pick: Vampire mockumentary “What We Do in the Shadows” is bloody brilliant

If I was over the overuse of the found-footage gimmick in horror, there’s one low-budget trick I wish there was more of: the mockumentary.
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