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Movie review: “Annabelle” conjures some old-school scares

This week a press release informed me the original “Saw” was getting a 10th anniversary theatrical re-release for Halloween. This reminded me a) how little I cared for the “Saw” movies and b) the fact that they literally made a half-billion dollars despite not being very good.
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Movies: Other new movies opening this week in Columbus

“Gone Girl”
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Movie review: “Love Is Strange” a beautifully understated gay marriage story

I know there’s a huge component of escapism inherent in moviegoing, but sometimes a little movie comes along that’s so achingly authentic it feels real. No, not “Guardians of the Galaxy.” I’m talking about “Love Is Strange.”
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The List: 11 awesome film scores composed by famous musicians

This week’s release of “Gone Girl” marks the third David Fincher film scored (brilliantly) by Nine Inch Nails mastermind Trent Reznor and producer Atticus Ross, so I’m highlighting some of my favorite scores created by famous musicians-turned-composers.
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Staff Pick: “Pay 2 Play: Democracy’s High Stakes” panel discussion with director

“It’s not about left versus right. It’s about insiders versus outsiders.”
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Movie review: Wiig, Hader show dramatic range in “Skeleton Twins”

The recent death of Robin Williams had me revisiting some of the great dramatic performances from comedic actors. It’s always an unexpected discovery.
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Movie review: “Boxtrolls” has the sights, lacks the story

In my book, the two kinds of films that are most “review-proof” are action movies and kids’ movies.
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New movies this week opening in Columbus the weekend of Sept. 26

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