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Movie review: Futuristic optimism of “Tomorrowland” is contagious

I’ll let you in on a secret I’ve learned in my years as a film critic. There is no objective rightness and wrongness in how “good” a movie is. There’s no formula. I write about how a movie makes me feel — and try to have an eye for what audiences it will and won’t resonate with.
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Movie review: “Tangerines” is a simple but gripping look at human side of conflict

The 2015 Foreign Language Oscar nominee “Tangerines” is powerful in its simplicity, a moving look at the nature of war through a simple act of humanity.
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Movie review: “Good Kill” puts the drone in drone warfare

In the right hands, “Good Kill” could have been an intriguing look into the most modern aspect of our modern warfare. The hands it is in aren’t quite the right hands.
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