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Stream of Consiousness: 10 Top 10 movies you need to see on Netflix

With 48 million customers, Netflix’s streaming service has changed the way we watch movies. Every week I review movies, and a lot my friends still wait for my recommendations to trickle to Netflix.
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Movie review: “It Felt Like Love” coming-of-age story is both familiar and fresh

One of the biggest problems with the film industry’s gender gap — some estimates say female directors account for just 5 percent of films — is a lack of female perspective in the stories that are told.
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The List: Top 10 bears

The bear-themed decor at the new Columbus burger spot Bareburger (see review on Page 52) has us counting down our favorites, so please bear with us.
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Staff Pick: “Finding Vivian Maier” is a portrait of an unsung artist

Some of my favorite documentaries tend to tell stories you wouldn’t believe if they weren’t true. “Finding Vivian Maier” is one such story.
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The List: Top 10 fights we’d like to see

This week’s interview with Dan “Dragon” Spohn, who is competing for a UFC contract on “The Ultimate Fighter,” has us thinking of who we’d like to see face-off in a fight. Let’s ring the bell on these 10 killer bouts.
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