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Movie review: “Pan” is better than it should be

Let’s just start out by saying this: “Pan” has no right to work as a movie, and most critics have been saying just that. I’m not going to be one of them.
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New movie releases for the weekend of October 9

New in theaters: “99 Homes” ... In this drama, a greedy real estate broker (Michael Shannon) evicts a hard-working father (Andrew Garfield) who eventually comes to work for him. Watching the intensity of Michael Shannon makes this an intriguing choice.
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The List: Nine 3D movies that are actually worth seeing in 3D

It’s been about a decade since Hollywood went all in on 3D filmmaking. Technology leapt past the days of red-and-blue glasses, theaters invested in 3D projection systems, and studios learned the public would pay a lot more for the experience.
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