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Movie review: “Nymphomaniac: Vol. II” ends von Trier’s sexual opus

Four hours is a lot of time to spend in Lars von Trier’s head.
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Movie review: “Dom Hemingway” is uneven, but Jude Law’s performance isn’t

If “Dom Hemingway” was a car, it would need to get its transmission fixed. It hums along for a while, but it’s clunky when it switches gears.
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The List: Top 10 fights we’d like to see

This week’s interview with Dan “Dragon” Spohn, who is competing for a UFC contract on “The Ultimate Fighter,” has us thinking of who we’d like to see face-off in a fight. Let’s ring the bell on these 10 killer bouts.
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The List: 10 movies that would make great TV shows

Since FX will premiere its spin-off of the Coen Brothers’ classic “Fargo” next week, we got to thinking about other movies that would make great television series. Here are 10 of our favorites and how they could work on a weekly basis. Sorry Bolshevik Revolution fans, “Doctor Zhivago” just missed out.
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