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Get to know: Spruce Campbells Brewing Company, the city’s next great brewery

There’s a whole lotta local beer love in Columbus, but there’s one name — that doesn’t have its own brewery, yet — poised to bring out even more adoration. For some the moniker Spruce Campbells is familiar (and not because it references the man, the chin, the legend). Some know Spruce Campbells as a local band trading in psychedelic pop, others as an up-and-coming brewery operation that’s already earned a substantial amount of buzz.
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Roundup: Central Ohio breweries worth the drive

It’s springtime. Get out of the house! Take a drive, discover somewhere new. We’ve all been cooped up for the winter, and now is the time to explore. With Columbus’ ever-expanding beer scene, breweries are cropping not just in the city proper, but beyond the 270 loop. Here are five breweries just outside the city worth exploring this season.
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