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Drinking with Santa: A guide to bars open on Christmas

After all the gifts are unwrapped and the fridge is full of leftovers it may seem like Christmas is over. Whether you’re ready for Christmas to die, or you want to keep the celebration rocking straight through New Year’s Eve, here are a few bars open on Christmas Day to power you through the rest of the holidays.
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Roundup: Five session beers to sip without getting sloshed

Around the holidays we naturally gather with family and friends, and a beverage or two is often part of the fun. Recent trends in craft beer have seen some push back against heavily hopped high-gravity brews. There’s certainly something to be said for an easy-drinking, low-alcohol beer that’s still flavorful. It’s often more remarkable to achieve this balance than it is to cover your mistakes with an extra handful of hops. Thus we have the session beer. The Brewer’s Association defines these beers as being no higher than 5.1% alcohol by volume, meaning you can enjoy multiple drinks in one session. Try seeking out these session beers for your next party.
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