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Happy hour review: Hey Hey Bar and Grill is a neighborhood hangout with delicious pub grub

After a tough day at work, a familiar face and stiff drink can be the perfect prescription to take the edge off. If you want to avoid the networking crowd and just belly-up to a bar filled with friendly people, fair prices and amazing food, Hey Hey Bar & Grill in German Village has what you need. This no-frills neighborhood hangout, with the added bonus of gastropub-worthy fare, will have you loosening your belt buckle as well as your tie.
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Distilled: Amaro Averna is a perfect option for fall cocktails

Fall in the Midwest — fire on the trees — is my favorite time of year. The weather is perfect, the trees look almost as beautiful as the-one-you-love’s smile, Calvin Johnson (aka Megatron, aka Don Mega) is busy embarrassing foes — his outing against the Panthers aside — and meaty, flavorful cocktails are back. No more of those watered-down vodka/gin drinks.
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