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  • Brian Dawsey enjoys a Bourbonilla chased by a Jameson on the rocks.
  • Kelli King and Jamie Kirkpatrick cozy up to the bar.
  • Luis Alcalde and Christian Gonzalez toast to Barrel 44. "Any dark-lit place that serves whiskey is fine by me!" Gonzalez exclaimed.
  • Zach Kravitz and Rajiv Gupta
  • Fabulous ladies Lisa Smith, Meghan Williamson and Annie Saxinger decided to join our entourage for dinner and drinks.
  • Alive fans Brian Barker, Ryne Ely, Alex Santer and Beth Simonetti started their night on the town at Barrel 44, and we later ran into the group groovin' on the dance floor at Skully's Ladies '80s.
  • Jackie Metro and Dan Buss