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  • We were welcomed to the party by the hot Bacardi Girls: Alicia Barnhard, Chenee Castruita, Megan Stoll and Hanna Trapp.
  • Jen Lindsey, Jenny James and Julia Boyer have been fans of Black Eyed Peas for a long time. "I liked them back when Macy Gray was doing vocals," Lindsey said.
  • Kerry Cooper and Andi DeCenzo were both impressed with the concert. "'s mixing was awesome," Cooper said. "I didn't sit down the entire time!"
  • Zack Starr, Cathy Capuano and Ted Lawson
  • Andrei Terpylak and Daniela Monaco
  • Molli Brown, Keleigh Mullins and Candice Carmin
  • The Cuba Libre - aka Bacardi and Coke - was much-loved by Alexandra Zimmerman, Keith Byers and Daniela Ehmer.