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  • They may not be chefs, but they are two of Columbus's biggest celebrities: Dimitrious Stanley and Anthony Rothman.
  • Gerald Kaye (with Amanda Orosz) said his favorite comestibles were Betty's watermelon salad and pineapple gazpacho.
  • April Brown (with Dan Bauer), a vet student who'd finished her rotation at the shelter, enjoys some fine selections from Cafe Corner.
  • Monica Day plates a crab cake from Cotters.
  • Jeremy Hite, Miranda Landusky and Steve Height take a well-deserved break from serving food at the Tip Top table.
  • Joanna Ross and Tina Goodman enjoy the breathtaking views at Huntington Park.
  • Jessica Kuhn and Kelly Burrows kept guests full with pizza from Mellow Mushroom.