How would you spend your last 24 hours on Earth?

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  • Joanna King, Westerville - Hangout with family
  • Brittany Kelly, Galloway - Go to Egypt
  • Holly Henley, Grandview - Be with friends and eat a lot of food
  • Matthew Keiser, Campus - Eat, drink and be merry
  • Travis Jenkins, Pickerington - Getting wasted
  • Hannah Mealer, Clintonville - Throwing an end of the world party
  • Kim Weisenberger, Clintonville - Eating really expensive food, drinking really expensive wine and relaxing
  • Lizz Confar, Arena District - Eat a steak because I’m a vegetarian
  • Lauren Ganim, Cleveland - Go shopping and buy everything
  • Stacey Grathwol, Campus - Spend it with family
  • Matthew Hamski, Dublin - Throw a big party with family and friends
  • Jessica Moreland, Upper Arlington - Skydiving