Which comic book character would you most like to have lunch with?

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  • Sebastian Lamini, Clintonville — Aquaman in an underwater paradise
  • Jamie Caton, Upper Arlington — Wolverine, so he could cut my veggies
  • Avin Assomull, Victorian Village — Rorschach
  • J.T. Thirston, New Albany — Iron Man
  • Jordan Katterheinrich, Olde Towne East — Artie from “Pete & Pete”
  • Seth DeGarmo, German Village — Batman
  • Jason Rau, Campus — I’d hang out with Catwoman
  • Kyle Felice, Hilliard — Barnacle Boy from “SpongeBob Squarepants”
  • Joey Lyons, Galloway — Carl Sagan
  • Mike Meredith, Galloway — Jonny Quest
  • Brian Wooden, Nashville — Being Spider-Man is my most reoccurring dream
  • Matt Tucker, Bexley — Batman, to dine in the Bat Cave
  • Jon Youse, Northwest Side — Thor
  • Claire Savage, Northwest Side — Captain America is classic