Photo Booth: What's your St. Patrick's Day tradition?

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  • Andy Yuricic, Olde Towne East — Drinking a bunch of Jameson
  • Susie Cox, Indianapolis — Don’t have one
  • Adam Danes, Lincoln Village — Green beer
  • Vlad Turovskiy, Cleveland — Watching “Leprechaun: In the Hood”
  • Tina Canini, Grove City — Wearing green and drinking
  • Mike Hill, Dublin — The standard drinking
  • Matt Manters, Worthington — Get drunk
  • Jonathan Tindor, German Village — Doing nothing
  • Jonathan Crawford, Grandview — A car bomb followed by Jameson
  • Kevin Kilbane, Clintonville — Devouring my body weight in corned beef
  • I’m a quarter Irish, so I’ll drink a quarter Guinness — Josiah Littrell, Clintonville
  • Alex Rider, Short North — Making Irish soda bread … while blackout drunk
  • Michael Laning, Short North — Go to the parade
  • Michael Laning, Short North — Go to the parade
  • Kari Schweitzer, Victorian Village — Video game marathon