Photo Booth: What's your favorite thing to do on gamedays?

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  • Joe Hughes
    Relaxing on the couch watching Notre Dame
  • Katie Hughes
    Eat good food
  • Gabi Stroh
    Tailgate and go to the game
  • Sidney Kim
  • Nicole Fox
    Watch the game in my theater room
  • Amber Clark
    Going to the game
  • C.J. Wooten
    Go to my favorite haunt and hide away
  • Trenton Brulport
    Whatever is going on in my basement is pretty cool
  • Nick Smith
    Scream "O-H" at strangers
  • Dennis Bajec
    Start with breakfast at the President's Club, then stroll into my club seats at 12:30, 12:45
  • Aaron Cook
    Pee in my own bathroom
  • Al Harris
  • Matt Ivons
    All the activities on Lane Avenue