Photo Booth: What's your most memorable Halloween costume?

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  • Justin Moodley -- Upper Arlington
    Spider Dog
  • Dan Caldwell -- New Albany
    Full-on Darth Vader
  • Ben Wallace -- Grandview
    NBA Dream Team with five of my buddies
  • Abe Figueroa -- Mansfield
    A cardboard box
  • Emily Figueroa -- Portland
    A globe
  • Jed Dearing -- Franklinton
    A d--- in the box with Dick Cheney
  • Gene Sludge -- Franklinton
    A pimp named Slick Back
  • Lauren Atkins -- Grandview
    I was Flo the Progressive lady and my friend was the Orbitz girl
  • Scott Whited -- West Side
    I always like the Carnivale masks
  • Kevin Smith -- German Village
    The Karate Kid
  • Chad Levy -- Olde Towne East
    We're going as Macaulay Culkin and the two robbers from "Home Alone" this year
  • Brooks Anderson -- Olde Towne Ea
    The guys from "Night at the Roxbury"