Photo Booth: What do you hate most about winter?

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  • Sarah Weber / Italian Village
    People not dressing properly! Snow is fun when you're warm!
  • Jessica Dunham / Easton
    The coldness hurts my body.
  • Jessika Heflin / Clintonville
    I hate not making more snowmen with my nephews.
  • Adam Keeney / German Village
  • Kamari Stevens / Easton
    If I wash my face without lotion I look like casper.
  • Martell Burleson / Dayton
  • Mark Lucas / German Village
    The tilt of the Earth's axis.
  • Kimani Clodfelder / West Side
    My fingers and toes.
  • Lauren Bencaz / Clintonville
  • Kriston Kacir / Clintonville
    Not being able to put my arms down when I wear my snow suit.